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Why my first post of 2018 didn't happen until now...

I’ll be honest…..I’ve never loved the idea of New Years Resolutions. I think they set people up to set lofty goals that are really hard to achieve and therefore often fall by the wayside in only a matter of time. Drop by any gym facility and you are apt to find a few long time members in the locker room making comments that they can’t wait until February when things return to normal (ie. When the typical-NY-resolution-makers have fallen off)

But after a December schedule that was busy with clients on top of dealing with the craziness that comes with the holidays, I found myself feeling pretty tired by end of 2017 – so much so that I actually was asleep on my couch before the big count down on New Years Eve. And it was then (well actually when I woke up in the morning on New Years Day….) that I decided I needed to hit the pause button.

After doing some reflecting, I decided rather than keeping running on the hamster wheel, I would step back, prioritize and do a little clean up within my business – this felt like the place for me to focus rather than goal setting within my personal life and so that’s where I went. And over the past 8 days, I have actually tackled a lot of things on my ‘to-do-sometime-but-never-seems-to-get-done-list’. I finished organizing my year end paperwork for income taxes already which has to be a organization-record for me - I've never been ready for tax season this early in the year.

Yes, during the past little while blogging took the back burner. It was never off the table, but I feel other things temporarily became of greater importance for me. Looking back, I feel accomplished because the tasks that I set as of greatest significance to me, have been the things I accomplished and while I could look at the list of things I still have yet to get around to, I gain so much more satisfaction/sense of accomplishment from thinking of the things I did do rather than the things I didn’t do. And so, my ‘goal’ for 2018 is to keep this ball rolling and set short-term temporary priorities for myself/my business that allow me to get things done and gain that sense of accomplishment that I thrive on – rather than setting lofty goals that could be hard to achieve in the long run and therefore aren’t as likely to happen or give me the satisfaction.

Are you out their reading this and feel the New Years Resolution you set is already proving to be a challenge or perhaps you didn’t set one because you feel too overwhelmed in your life with where to start? I encourage you to consider re-framing things – perhaps you too can think of an area of your life where you’d like to focus some of your attention. Ask yourself – would I feel accomplished if I was able to do ____? Is it okay with me that allowing myself to focus on _____ might take away time from doing _______ for now?

On that note, I will be back to the blog at some point …..I don’t currently have a set timeline for myself at this point and I am completely content with that :)

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