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Services & Pricing

Individual Counselling  $140/hour


During your first appointment which will last 1 hr, information will be collected regarding your current and past health concerns, weight status and eating habits and Colleen will get a chance to get to know you and what you are hoping to achieve. Together you'll use this information and time together to come up with individualized goals and strategies to get you started on your next steps to better gut health. You'll also discuss a plan for follow-up appointment frequency depending on your needs, budget and Colleen's recommendations for your success.

Follow-up appointments are typically booked for 1hr duration as well to allow adequate time for check in with your progress since your last visit, learn what's working and to explore questions that have come up since your last visit. There are many variables to explore when working towards improving gut health and Colleen's thorough approach to supporting you along the way will set you up for success. 

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Public Speaking - Contact for Pricing


In addition to working one-on-one with clients, Colleen loves public speaking opportunities!

Colleen has hosted interactive and lecture-style seminars both live and virtually for small and large audiences on a range of gut health topics. Colleen is committed to crafting a customized speaking event for the audience need in mind and delivers health messaging in a fun and engaging way. 

Please note: Pricing structure as of September 2023

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