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My 3 Fav Summer Fruit Options that are FODMAP Friendly!

Like many of my clients, especially here in Ontario where our local produce is so fresh and delicious this time of year, odds are you are an unhappy camper if you are working through the elimination phase of a FODMAP modified diet. I mean no doubt you might be feeling urk’d that so many of the great Ontario summer produce options are off limits:

  • Watermelon – high oligos, fructose and polyol

  • Peaches – high polyols

  • Cherries – high fructose and moderate polyols if you eat more than 6 cherries…..and who eats less than 6, really?

So what can you do….besides pout in the corner

Remember it’s not forever. The strict low FODMAP phase is meant to be a 6-8 week process and not forever. A structured, reintroduction with th

e help of a Registered Dietitian is step-2 and helps identify your tolerance level. You may learn during the reintroduction phase that most fruits work for your digestive system or how to include them in a way without offsetting your system. It may not be bye-bye forever!

Also, I’s important to remember that really, all fruits contain fructose - a natural sugar that contains FODMAPs. It just so happens that some fruits contain more than others, or have the double (or triple) whammy of also containing other FODMAP sources meaning they are best to avoid completely during the elimination phase. Most FODMAP experts advise no matter what fruit you consume, that you stick to a ‘reasonable’ serving per meal which typically equates to 1 whole piece or 1 cup of chopped fruit per meal. And afterwards, wait at least 2-3 hours before consuming additional fruit as a snack.

What are my fav choices from the low FODMAP list? Here's my top 3 go-to low FODMAP fun in the sun summer fruit line up picks:

  • Blueberries – have been tested by Monash up to 20 blueberries and green light good to go. Coming in season soon, blueberries are a tasty addition to a bowl of cereal, on top of lactose-free yogurt, or just to nibble on straight up

  • Pineapple – also tested by Monash up to a full cup with no issue. Not native to Ontario, but nothing says summer to me like pineapple on the grill……sooooo yummy!

  • Mandarin oranges – tested by Monash at 2 small oranges with no problems. Again, not local to Ontario but are a fantastic substitute for peaches or other stone fruits in a summer salad or dessert.

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